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Readers' Choice Awards 2012 by TripAdvisor, the world's largest travel site that is based on reader-generated travel advice, have selected El Taj Oceanfront Condo Hotel in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, as the second best hotel in Mexico....Sergio Segura, an innovative Mexican architect, is blending the local tropical landscape, ultra-modern luxury, and his signature soft curves to create exquisite, luxury condominiums. The architect's vision was to create a modern luxury dwelling nestled in the comfort and tranquility of a tropical setting, and to organically blend in exotics and comfort, nature and modern design, tranquility and plentiful amenities.   
if you are looking at Mexico Real Estate,Tulum Real Estate,Akumal Real Estate,or any Real Estate in Mexico,Sergio Segura has been the inspiration behind many of the most sought after projects. His design inspiration can be seen in developments such as Real Zama,Zama Village,Zama Gardens,and many more. To the point,many if not most of his design projects have sold out at pre-construction phase which makes an investment in his properties a pretty safe one if not guaranteed
El Taj Oceanfront is the newest and the most spectacula­r luxury condo hotel in the group of well-known Condo Hotels Playa del Carmen, designed by famous Mexican architect Sergio Segura, featuring soft waves that harmonious­ly blend into the local landscape, covered by wooden palapa roofs, with an elegant Bali-inspi­red design throughout­.
Another new property, the El Taj Oceanfront Condo, is scheduled for opening the first week of January, 2010, was designed by Mexican architect Sergio Segura. The condo will feature a smooth Bali-inspired design that seduces imagination by combining soft curves, natural materials and luscious tropical landscaping with soothing water features. Many hotels in Playa del Carmen were built to please guests without considering how they merge into the environment, but this architect’s vision was to create a modern luxury dwelling that blends nature and modern design, tranquility and plentiful amenities.
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