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for beautiful designs with a fresh perspective
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Sergio Segura

Awarding-winning architect, Sergio Segura is well known for both his attention to detail and his innovative designs. In his 30 years as an architect, Mr. Segura has been commissioned to design and build projects in the residential, office, education, health, tourism, and retail sectors.

Sergio believes architecture should be experienced from all angles, including the sky and the earth, and realizes how important it is to respect nature and integrate it within the architectural context. He believes that, as an architect, he has a duty to touch the earth gently, and to instill the best quality of life into every inch of his construction. 



  • Professor in the field of projects at the Universidad Iberoamericana from 1986 to 2005.

  • Member of the College of Architects of Mexico. Since 1995

  • Member of  the Mexican Society of Architecture. Since 1995.

  • Award winner and publication of his contribution at the Third International Architectural Exhibition. Venice, Italy. 1985

  • Selected to represent de Universidad Iberoamerican in de “Alberto J. Pani” contest award. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. 1985

Juan Carlos Gutierrez

Juan Carlos Gutierrez has worked with Sergio Segura for 10 years. He brings his passion for living, for adventure, and for the great outdoors into his work. He is detail oriented, contributes to the development of ideas, and works with Mr. Segura to help bring architectural vision to life.

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